Founded in September 2020 by Philippe Van Wesepoel and Jean François Plucker, OLYS Pharma is an innovative biotech aiming to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from neurogenic inflammation whose painful symptoms are found in many chronic pathologies.

Concretely, the Start-Up’s research focuses on the treatment and prevention of neurogenic inflammation of the Neuro-Immuno-Cutaneous-Endocrine (NICE) system.


Beyond Thinking for Better Health

Taking a fresh look, going beyond the obvious and with our continual questioning, we are driven by an unwavering desire to learn and understand.
This is how OLYS Pharma develops innovative and ever more effective treatments to restore the quality of life of suffering patients.

OLYS Pharma defends strong and firmly anchored values.

Guided by passion and curiosity, our pursuit is excellence. We build bridges and ethics are found in everything we do. We innovate, walk outside the box and create entirely new technology”.


JF. Plucker
JF. PluckerCo-fondateur & COO
Partner of an intellectual property firm in Brussels, Jean François Plucker worked for clients in many countries, before moving to the United States where he specialized in technology transfers between university or federal laboratories and private industrial companies. Combining scientific and economic logics became its strength, where the two logics usually clash. He puts his international experience at the service of humanly useful and economically promising projects. Co-founder of OLYS Pharma, he brings a seasoned experience in management, international trade and intellectual property in the development of the Start-Up.
Ph. Van Wesepoel
Ph. Van WesepoelCo-fondateur & CSO
With a scientific background and an MBA, Philippe Van Wesepoel has experience in different therapeutic areas of the pharmaceutical industry demonstrating both his practicality and his scientific rigor. His curiosity and determination allow him to get to the bottom of things with a focus on improving quality of life. OLYS Pharma’s values and mission suit him well: develop more effective and well-tolerated therapeutic solutions thanks to a new concept that makes it a breakthrough innovation.


Ph. Van Wesepoel
Ph. Van WesepoelAssociate Director - CSO
OLYS Pharma
Jean François Plucker
Jean François PluckerAssociate Director - COO
OLYS Pharma
V. Gordenne
V. GordenneAdministrator
Sébastien Gillig
Sébastien GilligVice-President Finance Europe