OLYS Pharma novel multi-ionic proprietary compound –KY21– is a new technology for modulating the innate immunity response proportionally to the intensity of the inflammatory injury.

KY21 further protects cell integrity and restores cell and tissue homeostasis, providing a powerful way to treat chronic pain induced by chronic inflammation.

The compound enables new ways of immune modulation. The innovative mode of action of KY21 is based on its capacity to achieve a dynamic competition for the binding sites of ions to obtain corrective physiological responses (enzymatic, metabolic, endocrine, vascular, neurotransmissions…).

The development rationale resides in liaison of KY21 to pro-inflammatory messengers expressed by the disease, modulating the immune system to produce a proportional therapeutic response to the injury, while respecting healthy cells.

The gel formulation developed to vector the ions through the skin in the tissues has demonstrated its capacity to normalize microcirculation in healthy humans undergoing superficial skin abrasion ( see TEDRA® in



Neurogenic inflammation

> Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain (also chemotherapy induced, post herpetic, HIV treatment induced…)

> Trigeminocervical complex pain – Migraine

> Low back pain

> Osteoarthritis

> Irritable Bowel Syndrome

> Bladder Pain Syndrome