OLYS Pharma’s patented technology allows it to develop effective and differentiated products in multiple indications, for which neurogenic inflammation is underlying.

To date, several projects constitute the OLYS Pharma innovation pipeline. These projects are at various stages of development and potentially provide the company with a continuous flow of new treatments for years to come.


The development of topical gel treatments for local application on the painful area once or twice a day.

Our primary indication is Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain (DPNP) as well as extension to chemotherapy induced, post herpetic and HIV treatment induced neuropathies. We aim at resorbing local pain but also recovering sensitivity.

The DPNP treatment of OLYS Pharma is completing its preclinical phase.

Next developments comprise trigeminocervical complex pain – Migraine

The neurons of the trigeminocervical complex are the main relay neurons for nociceptive afferent input from the meninges and cervical structures, therefore, they are the neural substrates of headache.


An innovative approach for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Bladder Pain Syndrome.

We associate turgescence at vertebra(e) level as the reflect of a neuronal and vascular inflammatory state impacting all sensory, motor, sympathetic fibres and vascularisation of the emerging spinal nerve.

This pro-inflammatory state induces abnormal continuous and excessive antidromic sensory neurons firing in corresponding dermatomes, myotomes, and organs, causing chronic pain, and sustained deleterious pro-inflammatory state.

Based on current data, topical/transdermal KY21 administration could modulate neuronal firing at the level of the Dorsal Rooth Ganglia, and favour restoration of tissue homeostasis.

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A new line of research has been opened for the development of parenteral treatments for Critical Care indications with inflammation-induced cell degeneration, such as Septic Shock, Acute Ischemic Stroke, Acute Myocardial Infarction and Organ Transplantation.

This research is conducted by the company YNIOS PHARMA.

A partnership in 2020 with the BURN FOUNDATION has led OLYS Pharma to design TEDRA, a cream-gel which aims to soothe and moisturize painful scars.