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TEDRA is a non-greasy gel-cream which moisturizes and softens the skin and soothes sensitive areas.

This product was tested and approved by the BURN FOUNDATION who whished to offer patients a quality topical product for soothing and hydrating painful scars.



Its non-greasy and non-sticky texture makes it possible to wear clothes without them adhering to the skin as well as to easily put on, wear and remove compression devices or garments.


TEDRA is very well tolerated and designed for easy and painless topical application.

TEDRAis applied twice a day to clean, dry skin, massaging gently until the treatment is absorbed. Contact with lesions and open wounds should be avoided. Its use is exclusively external.


TEDRA comes in the form of a 250ml pump bottle, it has the status of a cosmetic product.

TEDRA is made in Belgium.

CNK Code bottle 250ml : 4377347

CNK Code jar 250ml (for hospitals only) : 4886465